fbpx About Us: Short Term Care and Long Term Care Near Preston Hollow
About Us: Short Term Care and Long Term Care Near Preston Hollow

A Culture of ExcellenceServing DFW near Preston Hollow. Assisted Living, Physical Therapy, and Skilled Nursing Services.

Why Adora Midtown?

Your care needs are unique and ever-changing.  With a progressive vision of rehabilitation and wellness, our interdisciplinary care team optimizes a specialized care plan with you in mind. Our approach to person-centered care enables us to coordinate the most effective treatments with the best possible outcomes.

Surveys indicate healthcare facilities are too large.  Adora Midtown is designed with limited capacity maximizing our guests’ quality service experience and clinical care.  With an optimal number of guests, you can be confident that your individual needs are always our priority.

Measuring success beyond clinical service units.  At Adora Midtown Park, we focus on the person as a whole. We want you to enjoy comprehensive wellness that serves mind, body and soul.  With a vision of excellence, we focus on a better dining experience, better community programs, better staffing ratios and better hospitality.

Do not hesitate to give us a call. Your healthcare needs are unique and navigating the healthcare industry can be daunting. You deserve transparency and common sense solutions, we are honored to serve you as a resource in any way that you need.

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Our Mission

Our mission is providing exceptional healthcare and hospitality. We accomplish this by recruiting the best leadership team and care givers the Dallas market has to offer.

A Culture of Excellence

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8130 Meadow Rd Dallas, TX 75231
Telephone: 214-765-3300

Administrator: John H. Berg
Email administrator@adoramidtown.com
Please, no soliciting.

Compliance Concerns: 877-399-5556 — 24/7/365, anonymous and confidential.

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