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Addison - Adora Midtown


The Automated Dispensing System (ADS)
Fully-licensed, automated On-Site Medication Manager

Why Addison?

“Innovative & real-time medication dispensing”
– Dr. Paul Padilla


Addison prepares each resident’s custom medications, allowing our nurses more time for care-giving.

  • Addison receives doctors’ prescriptions and fulfills them on-site
  • Addison streamlines administration time
  • Addison eliminates the time nurses previously spent managing medication inventory

Addison dispenses medications in minutes, not hours.

  • Our residents receive a faster first dose addressing pain quickly and comfortably
  • Discharged residents receive their medications presorted, with time-specific instructions
  • Addison works round the clock – 24/7

Addison safely manages and distributes our medication inventory.

  • Safe and accurate orders flow from doctor to pharmacist to Addison electronically
  • Streamlined flow ensures accuracy on each order
  • Eliminates waste by dispensing daily – only dispensing what is needed

Addison provides cost savings.

  • Care transition is abbreviated with fewer steps by automated medication transcription and dispensing
  • Residents & Insurance billed only for daily doses

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