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Image: Teaching about smart home app

How Technology Can Deliver Care And Comfort For Seniors

Technology has changed tremendously over our lifetimes and is here to stay. Devices such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and virtual assistant technologies are now part of many households. They help us gather and share information, stay connected with our loved ones, and enjoy entertainment no matter where we are. Fortunately, ...
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Senior male is about to receive Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine

What Seniors Should Know About the New COVID-19 Vaccine

Two new vaccines have been approved for COVID-19 and more are in the pipeline. Texas has elected to prioritize people over the age of 65 for vaccination. So, what should seniors and their families know about these new vaccines? Here are some key factors. The vaccine cannot rewrite your DNA, ...
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Image: Mature Woman Wearing Mask Visiting Lonely Depressed Senior Mother In Garden During Lockdown

Depression and COVID: 4 Tips for Managing Emotions

Depression doesn't end with December, and it's important to be aware of the potential complications that 2020 brought with it. Whether your loved one has been previously diagnosed with Seasonal Depression, or is showing signs for the first time, handling the blues has become more complicated than ever before. Here ...
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Image: Santa With a COVID Mask

A COVID Christmas — tips for a merry holiday season

It's the most wonderful time of the year — but it's also one of the most stressful! Do you get stressed-out around the holidays? Here are seven easy steps to stay stress-free this holiday season. Acknowledge all your emotions. The holidays can bring up difficult emotions for us at the ...
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Image: Senior married couple

Pandemic Caregiver Fatigue

Share on Facebook | Share on Linkedin | Share on Twitter What is Pandemic Fatigue for Senior Caregivers? Caring for our loved ones as they age is never easy. There are tons of factors that can make it taxing physically, mentally, financially, and more for both the caregiver and the one receiving ...
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