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Assisted Living: Providing Support While Preserving Independence

Health care worker helping an elderly patient In the spectrum of senior care, assisted living is an option that falls between independent living and skilled nursing or long-term care. Assisted living facilities (ALFs) offer a viable solution for seniors who can live on their own but may also need some ...
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Six Steps to Finding a New Home for Your Parents

In my 19 years in the healthcare industry I have talked with hundreds of residents and family members and it helped me have a greater appreciation for what families go through when making the big, life-changing decisions for their older family members. But nothing could prepare me for what it ...
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Things My Parents Taught Me

In addition to trying to raise me to be a good person, my parents gave me an example by how they lived their lives. They also shared these guidelines they wanted me to follow in life. From Mom:
  1. Always send thank you notes.
  2. Red and purple do not go together.
  3. It is ...
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What’s Cooking? Fresh & Healthy Dining in Senior Care

Everyone knows eating the right foods and having good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy life. For individuals in senior living or care communities, dining and getting appropriate nutrition can often serve up a host of challenges. Residents or patients in these communities often become “picky” eaters ...
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