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Adora Implements Voice Activated Technology to Keep Seniors Connected - Adora Midtown

Adora Midtown — North Dallas’ Smartest Assisted Living Facility

Social distancing protocols have made daily communication more essential than ever for senior life. Accordingly, Adora Midtown Park has equipped each of its assisted living apartment homes with a K4 Connect powered Echo Dot, a voice-activated virtual assistant, to boost resident autonomy and personal safety.

The smart speaker is vastly more accessible than smartphones, tablets, or PCs for seniors with vision problems, Parkinson’s, or similar ailments. The technology is designed to be beneficial when taking on daily tasks and for helping seniors maintain a sense of independence.

The K4 Echo Dot will provide access to all of the benefits of a traditional Amazon Alexa device, as well as content preconfigured by Adora Midtown, including the ability to:

  • Adjust the lighting in their rooms to suit their comfort, mood, and safety needs.
  • Set automated reminders for events and prescribed medications.
  • Learn what’s on the menu as well as the ability to contact the culinary staff about alternative options.
  • Have direct access to recreational activity schedules.
  • Play music, control the TV, or let you know the latest news. You can even ask to device to play soothing background sounds such as the crack of a fireplace or the sound of a waterfall.
  • Notify the staff of clinical concern or change with a simple verbal command. The K4 Echo Dot enhances current safety measures, such as emergency pull cords, while eliminating the need to be in close proximity of one to signal for help.

Of a particular benefit, the K4 Echo Dot smart speaker can also act as a speakerphone when taking incoming calls from friends and family and can also generate outgoing phone calls by simply voicing the command to call a specific person or service.

To learn more, contact Adora Midtown Park Community Liaison Tami Sandefer at: 972-589-2316, or by email: tsandefer@stonegatesl.com.

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