In addition to trying to raise me to be a good person, my parents gave me an example by how they lived their lives.  They also shared these guidelines they wanted me to follow in life.

From Mom:

  1. Always send thank you notes.
  2. Red and purple do not go together.
  3. It is important to read to your children.
  4. Use Sir and Ma’am as well as Please and Thank You.
  5. Read your Bible every day.
  6. Don’t be a one-friender.  (You should not give up one friend to be a friend to another.)
  7. In school, if you give Valentines, you must include everyone. The same applied to invitations to birthday parties. If some of the girls from class got invited, then all of the girls were invited.
  8. You are not allowed to slam doors.  (If we did, we had to open and close the door 25 times.) 
  9. If you stay home from school, you cannot watch tv.
  10. No white shoes (or purses or dresses) between Labor Day and Memorial Day.
  11. Be willing to share your recipes.
  12. At least once a year, set a formal table setting and make sure your children are taught good etiquette.

From Dad:

  1. Do not get in the left lane and drive slowly.
  2. If you think about positive things, you will be a more positive person. Avoid thinking about negative things as much as possible.
  3. If you are going to tell a joke, be sure you know how to tell the joke, all the way to the end. Know that the pause is very important.
  4. Be willing to stand up for your beliefs, even if you are met with strong resistance.
  5. You are never too old to learn new technology.
  6. Study your Bible so you can share what you believe with others.
  7. When you have children at home, make sure you do not have any books with bad language. Don’t use bad language either.
  8. If you are about to take a family trip in the car, be sure everyone has gone to the bathroom first so you can make good time and avoid frequent stops.
  9. When you go out to eat, do not order more than you are able to eat. And, don’t waste money on jello!  You can get that at home.
  10. Always be polite to the police, even if you do not agree with them.  It could save you from a ticket.
  11. Be sure your tires are properly inflated to get the best mileage. 
  12. Keep your commitments.  

By: Donna Wood

Donna Wood is an Executive Assistant at the StoneGate Corporate office and has written various articles for the staff.  We have shared two of those recently regarding the local wildlife living in the “neighborhood” of the office. Donna loves to write and will be a contributing blogger on a variety of topics.  Enjoy her unique take on the various aspects of helping aging parents, working in the healthcare industry and life in the big city.

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